Printing more efficiently in sheetfed offset

Sheetfed offset presses and the entire sheetfed offset printing process are in a state of constant evolution. The presses become bigger, faster and more productive. The requirements in terms of the printed product become ever more diverse and challenging. “Value Added Prin­ting” is the key concept. New formats and innovative effects lend a new face to the printed products. UV technology and the use of special effect inks give the printed image a previously unknown brilliance and viva­city. New substrates and coatings allow the develop­ment of completely new products. And - despite all innovation - the cost and productivity pressure on the printer is enormous. Because the high capital outlay for a printing press must be recouped in shorter and shorter periods: “Return on investment” is the crucial parameter.

You’ll find us where it matters most

Where ink meets paper, that’s where you’ll find Böttcher. Our products are at the heart of the printing process. They ensure the quality and consistency of your prod­uct, day after day, night after night. Böttcher is at your side, when frequent format and sub­strate changes place more and more demands on the press and those operating it. Our products help you reduce make-ready and maintenance times. You run the press faster, with less down-time and at a consistently higher quality level.

Printing rollers – long runners in the pressroom

Böttcher is the world’s number one roller supplier. Our rollers are to be found as original equipment on more new sheetfed press installations than any other brand.

For a good reason: Böttcher has developed specialised inking and dampening roller compounds for all types of modern sheetfed inks. For UV inks and for dual purpose printing Böttcher offers specifically formulated rubber compounds, which are OEM standard on most new printing presses due to their excellent all-round performance and long service life. Within the range of dampening roller compounds, Böttcher offers both solutions for standard printing with alcohol and for alcohol-reduced and alcohol-free printing. Beyond that, special dampening rollers for UV applications are also part of the Böttcher portfolio.

A team of specialists constantly works on new developments and creates roller materials which keep pace with the latest developments in the ink and coatings market. For example, a new Böttcher UV compound offers improved stability due to its particularly resistant composition with regard to modern UV inks. Similarly, we also developed a roller compound specifi­cally for use with vegetable inks. To sum it up, we offer to the user a more stable printing process and longer roller life.

Printing blankets – high-tech for high demands

The blanket transfers the print image to the sheet and has thus a very special influence on the printed result. Particularly the texture of the surface and the structure and compressibility of the carcase deter­mine whether the printed image appears in the desired quality on the sheet, independent of run length and printing speed. With the BöttcherTop rubber blanket series, Böttcher offers particularly balanced blankets for each appli­cation. Versatile rubber surface layers on stable and durable carcases offer a reliable solution for use on a wide range of ink systems and paper stocks.

Böttcher stands for the perfect synergy of inking rollers, dampening rollers, chemicals and blankets. System components, specifically developed for your requirements in sheetfed offset. The name Böttcher also stands for the people who are there to support you where it matters most: in your pressroom. To help you identify the cause if problems and implement effective solutions, to opti­mise your process and make your business more profitable. And to listen to your ideas and share your visions – and forge them into new and innovative products.

Pressroom chemistry with inbuilt added value

If rollers are the heart of the printing process, the fountain solution – along with the ink – is its lifeblood. For all dampening systems, paper and printing ink qualities Böttcher developed a range of fountain solution additives, which technically and economically make optimal results possible. Economical in con­sumption and consistent in the results, the Böttcher­Fount products stabilize your printing process and avoid build-up on rollers and blankets.

Böttcher is also one of the world’s leading manufac­turers of washes and maintenance products for blanket and roller cleaning, with a range of dedicated washes tailored to the specific needs of each type of automatic washing system. In the area of solvent filtration, no-one has more experience than Böttcher.


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