Fascinating possibilities in modern high performance rotogravure printing

High production speeds, superwide paper webs, redu­ced temperature build-up in rotogravure presses, semi­conductor rollers from PU, laser-engraved inking rollers: in no printing process, the technical requirements regar­ding our products are as high as in rotogravure printing. Böttcher stands for constant development of innovative technologies in the graphic arts industry.

You'll find us where it matters most. Where ink meets paper, that's where you'll find Böttcher. Our products are at the heart of the printing process. They ensure the quality and consistency of your prod­uct. Day after day, night after night. Our compounds offer you printing materials adapted specifically to meet your individual needs. This enables you to achieve optimum print quality even when running at maximum speed on long runs. And that pays off as a major gain in job profitability.

Conventional impression rollers

Good geometrical stability under highest loads distinguishes all Böttcher impression rollers for conventional rotogravure prin­ting. The product range is various:

  • Hardness range from 70 to 95 shores A
  • Roller coverings made of rubber and of highly loadable PU
  • depending upon the application, the materials are conductive (antistatic) or
  • chemically resistant against esters and ketones.

Inking rollers

Inking rollers, also called applicator rollers or deposit rollers, with elastomer covering are used in rotogravure printing to optimise ink transfer to the form cylinder. The rollers have a special laser engraved surface which depends on the printing form, the ink viscosity and the dip volume. The patented laser profiles were developed in close co-operation with users of inking rollers. Laser-engraved inking rollers are used success¬fully by national and international customers in all customary printing machines in decoration and packaging rotogravure printing.

A variety of roller applications of in rotogravure printing.

In a rotogravure printing machine and in its periphery, there are most different applications for elastomer roller coverings, for roller functions, which are needed directly or indirectly during the printing process or during the surface finishing of the printing substrates. Most of these applications are to be found in packaging rotogravure printing.

  • Draw rolls
  • Sandwichrollers
  • Paper guiding rolls
  • Laminating rollers
  • Feed rollers
  • Paraffin rollers
  • Deflector rollers
  • Corona rollers
  • Draw-off rollers
  • Stretcher rollers
  • Metering rollers
  • Coating rollers

Paster rollers for reel change systems

In rotogravure web presses with high web speeds, automatic reel changing systems have become standard. They allow the change of the printing substrate reel during running production. An important component of the reel changing system is the paster roller. It is used to glue the run off web to the new paper web at full production speed.

The cellular rubber material (foam rubber) of the Böttcher paster rollers has a very reduced inertia, that implies:

  • Reduced load on the paper web
  • Low-risk reel change
  • High life span

ESA Presseure rollers

By default, Böttcher impression roller compounds for illustra¬tion rotogravure printing have a hardness of 90 shores A; in decoration, packaging and security rotogravure printing, 2 standard hardnesses are offered, 75 and 90 shores A. ESA roller coatings are available for all presses and ESA systems in the market.

  • Impression cylinders for lateral charging systems
  • Impression cylinders for top load systems
  • Impression cylinders for short emission electrodes
  • Impression cylinders for core charging
  • Impression cylinders for brush electrode and other systems
  • Impression cylinders for Nipco deflection compensation systems
  • Impression cylinders for sleeve systems (with and without isolation from the mandrel)
  • Carrier sleeves from our own production.

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